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About me...
Name: Tiffany
Age: 15
Location: Germany
Grade: 10th

Color: grey/gray
Number: 18
Word: zutto/forever
Food: soup and noodles
Drink: milk and wine
Plant: roses, lilacs, and moss
Anime: Inu-Yasha
Manga: Inu-Yasha
Band: Linkin Park
Movie: The Last Samurai
Song: Gackt- Emu~For My Dear
Book: Pendragon - Journal of an Adventure Through Time and Space
Hobbies: Surfing the net, writing poetry, drawing, singing, writing, soccer, golf, reading, sleeping, taking care of plants, listening to music
Quote: "Wasurenai kara"

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Thursday, June 10, 2004
To Arcanis

hey little buddy. i'm really sorry i haven't been on lately. you're right though. some bad things have been happening. but i think everything's better now. and guess what? i'll be going to the states this saturday! *jumps up and down in circles* yeps. and i made some more friends too. so now i have... *counts her fingers* about 5 friends here! *smiles* lol. mmm... me is bored... they coming over for a sleepover in a few mintues. actually they're already 46 minutes late... oh well. and it's thunderstorming! weeee! *laughs* hehe. i'm having so much fun. um... i'll try to get on AIM tomorrow night if i can. i'm really sorry to have worried you. i didn't mean to. honest. well, take care. cya.

Posted at 06:47 pm by Zutto
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Sunday, April 11, 2004

meh. me's sick again. me's always sick. not fair. me wanna sleep. but me wanna stay on computer for last day of vacation.... oh well. maybe me can still be sick in the morning and finally miss a day of school after 5 years. *shrugs*

Posted at 07:17 pm by Zutto
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Friday, April 09, 2004

um... nothing much to post. i'm just writing for the sake of keeping this blog active. hmm... inuyasha is hot. lol. well he is!! *daydreams* if only if only... *sighs* hehe. byez!

Posted at 05:04 am by Zutto
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I hate Jessica McKeowen.

Posted at 12:57 pm by Zutto
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Friday, March 12, 2004

† I just caught my mom having cyber-sex yet again a few minutes ago... I don't know what to do. Her and my dad are still married. Dad's gone for three weeks on business. I can't tell him anyways... it'd break his heart. I can't tell my sister, she's still so young. I can't tell my friends, they like my mom. They think she's cool. Heh. As if. I can only tell one person what I truely feel. But right right now I don't care who reads this. I can't take this anymore. Why the hell is she having sex online?! And why the hell is she doing it while I'm still awake?! God... I want to punch her for each moan I hear in my head. And I want to kick her for each moan I hear echoing in my head for the next few days... I wish she wasn't my mother... Then I could hate her more easily. She doesn't even act like a mother. She never gets her ass off the computer chair, she never cleans, she never cooks, she never talks to us, she never hugs us or sees us to bed and I haven't heard her say 'I love you' in months now. All she does is say, "Why isn't my computer working?! What did you do this time?! Fix it!!" I'll fix it alright... I'll smash the thing into bits soon if I have to sit here in my room crying because of her again... Everytime this happens I feel like I'm only 3 years old... young, weak, and helpless. I sit and cry and wish mommy would just stop. Can't she see that she's hurting me? She thinks I was sad because I was sexually harassed at work and was forced to quit... Hehe, I was sad because I heard her making noises to some guy who has no right disturbing my family through the internet. I can't wait until I leave this home... I won't have to deal with her or any of my family. I'll be all alone with no one to talk to and no one to hang out with. Frankly, that seems like a perfect life to me right now... Too much shit is happening in my life... And I'm sick and tired of it. Pretty soon I won't even be able to take it anymore... I'm gonna give in and fall into a darkness so deep I'll never come out... I can't wait. †

Posted at 10:37 pm by Zutto
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Monday, January 19, 2004

*yawn* Me still tired... I took a five hour nap and still want to go beddy-by. Well, from 6pm to 11pm is five hours right? Oh well. Um... oh yeah. The 16th didn't go as bad as I thought it would. It was pretty nice actually. I think I only got sad maybe 3 or so times. Nothing much exciting has happened since then though. I saw the Return of the King on Sunday. I thought the ending was really sad... Me cried.

Hmm... The weirdest thing that has happened so far was my nap that I just had. It was pretty freaky. I was asleep, but not asleep. Don't know if that makes sense... But that's what it was. In my dream, I knew that I was really asleep, but I was also asleep in that dream. So I tired to wake up from my dream in my dream but couldn't. That went on for about 3 hours too. I mean, I was sleeping in my dream and there was water rising all around me but I couldn't wake myself up. Finally, I woke from the dream in my dream but then I had to 'really' wake up. And of course, being the complicated person that I am, I couldn't. I finally had to have someone in my dream tickle me. That caused me to jerk my hand in the real world and finally get up. But then... I fell right back asleep. Boy was it fun explaining to my friends in dream world why I was back again. Lol.

Well, that's about all that's worth talking about. Except for the fact that I'm being sexually harassed by my boss... *shudders* I'm ending it the next time he touches me though. And frankly, I don't really care much if I get fired. Um... that's about it then. Ciao. 

Posted at 03:33 am by Zutto
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Thursday, January 15, 2004

«Well... tomorrow's gonna be a rough day... I don't want to do anything tomorrow at all. Mainly, it's because tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the day that changed my life forever. And not for the better may I add. It was the day that me and Kayla, a really good friend... for the most part, and I had a huge fight. She was able to get over the ordeal, but I wasn't. Then again, she wasn't the one who was told to go to hell... I mean, I trusted her a lot. She was my first real friend and I trusted her. A lot. But... it seems I was stupid to think I could. She took my biggest secret and used it against me... How the hell am I supposed to feel about that? How was I supposed to forgive her for what she did? How was I supposed to live on after that? How was I supposed to ever trust another person again? I did trust another person though. Richard. And Stephanie as well for the most part. But... that event messed up my life. And I'm a total moron for actually forgiving her too... I don't regret it, but it just makes me wonder; If I said and did the same thing to her, would her life have turned out to be the same as mine? If so... I'm glad it was me who was betrayed. Heh, another reason why I'm stupid. I'm too damn soft... But it's true. I'm sure she could do more in life than I could. She has a younger brother to take care of as well. I can't let her be suicidal with a 5 year-old in her house. Plus, she was still a good friend despite what she did... I just wish she could see that her life isn't as bad as it could be...»

«But yeah... enough about that. I can cry all I want tomorrow... and tonight even...  Anyways, the other thing that happened on this day two years ago was my coughs. I've got these really bad coughs that I think aren't normal at all but the docs say it's just my allergies and that it's nothing. Stupid doctors... Everytime I go in (about 4 or 5 times now) it's alway, "It's just your allergies dear. Here. *hands me an inhaler* Take this for a week 2 times a day and come back if it doesn't help." ~A week later~ "Oh. Well just continue to take it for another 2 weeks then." ~Two weeks later~ "Just take the medicine everytime it gets hard to breath then. That should help." ~Less than a month later~ *has two asthma attacks and now hates doctors* ~From that day on~ *has at least 10 cough attacks a day, one asthma attack, can't eat big meals, can't exersice as much, pukes each time the cough is really bad, and goes to sleep thinking about the possibility of dying the next day*»

«Soo yeah... Hehe... You know, if this turns out to be lung cancer, I should be dead in less than 3 years. Lol. Joy. The last reasons, so far as I know, is that tomorrow is also the start of exam week and I have to go back to work again. Even more fun huh? Well, that's it for tonight. I think I typed too much. Hmm... bye then. »

Posted at 09:37 pm by Zutto
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Sunday, January 11, 2004

I'm beat. That pretty much sums up my day. I stayed up for 23 hours, went to bed and got only 6 hours of sleep. I would have slept longer but someone knocked on the door, the phone started ringing, and I had to go potty. So sleep, at the time, was out of the question. My feet hurt... oh well. I had to go to work from 2 pm until 11 pm. All because two people got sick. Ooo am I gonna knock their hats off tomorrow...

Today wasn't all that bad if you take out the long hours. I was able to get on the computer, listen to a good song, and just sit around for at least 3 hours. I get payed double than what I should have too now because I worked so long. So that's cool. Grr... I just realized I still have homework to do. I hate school. Anyways, my package might finally be in. I had ordered bunches of anime and manga from Amazon.com and now all I have to do is pick it up. Yay!

To make everything even better, someone special did a little simple thing that made my whole day worthwhile. I was walking home feeling pretty bad. I mean, who wouldn't after 9 hours of work and chestpain? Anyways, I hear footsteps behind me and so turn around. And running up the street with two boxes is Richard. I asked him what he was doing here and he says, " I'm taking out the trash of course." Lol. Silly him must have past the trashcans because they were at least 100 feet back from where he came from. He followed me just to tell me he loved me. Heh, that's why I love him too. He's willing to go out of his way and get in trouble just to say such a simple yet meaningful line.

Well, that's about it for today. Not too much had happened. Um... bye then.

P.S. - Hybrid Genesis finally has new pages up so check them out.

Posted at 12:52 am by Zutto
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Saturday, January 10, 2004

¤Haylo. I guess I'll just go straight into my blog huh? That way you're not overly bored with my rambling...

¤Today was pretty normal. I went to school, came home, went to work, am now on the computer, and will possibly go to bed later on. Not much diversity ne? Oh well.
¤At work, Chichi, Richard, and I all took place in a water-war. Also known as the dishwashing-mess-contest. Hehe. I got soaked the least out of the three of us. So that was pretty fun. I got paid today too. So now I can go on Amazon.com and order my anime DVDs. Grr... but I want my manga to come in soon. Dang shipment is too slow. Feh.

¤Well, that was pretty much my day. Everything else was... lame so to say. Uh... guess I'll just try to mess around with the rest of this blog then. See what it all has to offer. Ja ne then.

¤P.S. - Watch/Read Inu-Yasha... NOW!

Posted at 03:46 am by Zutto
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